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Welcome to Whiterails Livery Yard


Short feed, hay net and water. High quality hard feed will be provided appropriate to your horse's requirements, as well as hay. Haylage is available at a small surcharge.


Your horse will be turned out in the morning after feeding and brought back in again after lunch. Paddocks are regularly cleared of droppings to maximise worm control. If turn out is unavailable due to weather conditions then use of the horse walker or hard standing is always provided as an alternative


Straw bedding is provided. Shavings are available at a surcharge per bale used. All stables are jet washed and disinfected during the summer months. Rubber mats are provided. Your tack is cleaned as it is used


The horses have a basic groom daily. This consists of sweat and mud removal, washing of stable stains, feet picked out and a visual inspection of your horse (approximately 15mins). Your grooming kit will be washed as appropriate.


In the evening your horse’s bed will be skipped out and swept back. Rug up, feed, hay and water: At the end of the day your horse will be rugged up for the night and fed, hayed and watered

Welcome to Whiterails Livery Yard

Livery Services


Whiterails offers a full range of Livery Packages to suit the need of you and your horse.


Our Full Livery Package is ideal for 24/7 care of your horse. Part Livery Packages, where we share the care of your horse with you, can be tailored to suit your exact needs. Our DIY Livery Package allows you to keep the cost down and take advantage of our facilities and expertise. To discuss which Livery Package would suit you and your horse best, please call us on 01603 810261 or 07918 907553.

Full Livery Package





Turning out / bringing

back in



Mucking out








Set bed fair


A flexible service where we share the care for your horse with you. For example, we could provide a full basic livery from Monday to Friday, with DIY at the weekend. We are very happy to organise any combination you require, so please call us to discuss your requirements.

Part Livery Package Options

The facilities at Whiterails include a solarium and a covered wash-down area.

For an all-inclusive price, you and your horse will have full use of all our livery facilities (with the exception of Full Livery services described above) including access to all rides, schools and arenas, horse trailer parking, horse walker, solarium and wash down areas (See Riding and Facilities).

DIY Livery Packages include an assigned pasture for your horse, plus use of hay and straw as appropriate to your horse’s needs. Management expertise can also be provided on request.

DIY Livery Package

All inclusive

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Other services not listed in the above livery are available, and will be charged as extras.

To discuss

Livery Packages

please call

01603 810261

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